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City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare The second in the series, this was definitely an improvement on the first.The plot had more substance, and a few twists and turns did have me turning the pages. The best part? Magnus Bane, a character that reminds me of Lafayette from the TV version of Trye Blood; camp, sarcastic and refreshingly witty. The rest of the characters though... still a bit 'meh'. I'm hoping that one of the main characters will get killed off in one of the future books, because at the moment there's a comfortable 'she/he'll be fine' every time someone gets seemingly mortally injured or dies. It could do without any of them, to be honest, and we'd hardly notice. It's a shame Jace has turned into a lovesick teenager. I don't really see that fitting, in any way, with the character that was built in the first novel. So Clary is 'the only one who's ever made him feel this way'. That's because he's apparently had a personality transplant. The 'apparently' incestuous relationship is getting a bit old too (in which book will we finally discover they're not actually related? It's got to be coming). And don't get me started on Clary herself... not quite as infuriating as in the first 'that's not possible' book, but still pretty slappable. Look, everyone who loves and cares about has told you not to eat or drink anything in the Fae land, because you will die. FIVE TIMES! Bloody listen, you idiot! Anyone that naive deserves to have at lest had a limb cut off by now.Having said all that, I will continue with the series. If only out of morbid curiosity to see where it will, eventually, all go. I gave it 4 stars, because I gave the first one a 3, and it is an improvement. Maybe 3.5 if I'm being picky.